We used Shana Rohde Lynch to sell our house in 2013 in Tiburon and had the most incredible experience using her services. She is the most intense, get the job done, leave no stone unturned workaholic that I have ever dealt with in any profession. She does it all without drama, too.
Vito and Linda Bialla, Tiburon
What I wanted to convey to you was how much I appreciated all you did to get the house ready for sale and, of course, ultimately selling it. I thought I was looking at an insurmountable task that Todd and I were going to have to take on. You came along and lifted that burden right off of us. You were my angel. I can
Debbie Border
I was filing some papers over the weekend regarding the sales of our house at 5 Mara Vista Court and I was reminded how grateful Ann and I are at all you and Brittany did to make that as successful and stress-free as possible. As you well know dealing with the town and all the permits and documents they require makes preparing for a sale difficult to say the least. Living in the city now would have only made dealing with those details even more difficult. The work you and Brittany did in handling most of those matters for us relieved much of the stress, not to mention the time driving from the city. Ann and I have bought and sold properties in the past and I can say without reservation that the service and professionalism you and Brittany provided are beyond anything we have experienced before!
Ann O'Sullivan and Pat Patton, Tiburon
Just wanted to tell you how much we LOVE our new home, neighborhood, new school - everything! We are all so incredibly happy and it's all because of YOU!!! We are so indebted to you Shana!!! Hiring Shana will go down as one of the best decisions ever made.
Noguiero Family, Ross
Shana showed a ton of persistence in helping me and was a really good coach in offering just enough in order to be fair but win the house. In the end I have NO DOUBT that we got our home because of her great negotiating and persistence, and because she spotted a great opportunity and made the right offer. Thanks so much for the help from your team, our family is enjoying our home very much and we can't wait to start our upgrades!
Jessica Thompson
We cannot thank you enough! You were a pleasure to work with! You made our dream come true! We are SO happy and could not have done it with you and Brittany! THANK YOU!
Annie and Colin Jackson, San Rafael
In 2007 I worked with Shana Rohde-Lynch as the listing agent for a townhouse I owned in Corte Madera. I want you to know that I could not be happier with the job she did for me. She and her assistant Christina worked well with my tenant to minimize the period from the time my tenant moved out to the time until the unit was available to show. Shana also went above and beyond what I expected in dealing with her large group of people to get my place ready for sale. Shana was on target with the right listing price and I was very happy with the short period it took to make the sale and close escrow. I have used Shana in the past to buy a townhouse in San Rafael and also had a wonderful experience then. I will call Shana again the next time I want to buy property in Marin.
Robert Liss, Corte Madera & San Rafael
A BIG thank you for all the hard work you put into making this all happen for me. You are truly a fantastic realtor and I so enjoyed working with you.
Linda Palermo, San Rafael
Thank you so much for your tireless efforts this past summer to seller our house under very challenging circumstances!
Chris Lutton, Tiburon
Thank you for your diligence and professionalism during the past four months. I have bought and sold many houses over the years and have developed a certain disdain and distrust for the agents I've dealt with. And while you came highly recommended, I took a 'wait and see' attitude. Well, I saw--you were terrific--and for the first time, I understood how important and downright nice it is to have a terrific agent working for you.
Richard Goldman, Tiburon